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I am an award-winning expert in design for sustainable development and focus on;

Industrial Design, Circular Economy, Inclusive Design, Design Strategy and

Design for 3D Printing. 

I have worked extensively around the world specialising in Africa and Indian markets, developing unique approaches to solving real-world problems through qualitative design-led research to improve the lives of all.

Please contact me for information about bespoke consulting services and

workshops/training opportunities to embed a circular economy approach to your organisation.


Recent Projects

I adopt an applied and practical approach to design-led research with a focus on real-world impact and business change

through sustainable development.


Please explore the projects I have led or had significant involvement in,

feel free to get in touch if you would like more information. 

Developing Inclusive Design workshops and training resources to promote responsible design and entrepreneurship in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Part of the British Council

Innovation for African Universities scheme.


Developing an understanding of issues faced by people with disabilities.

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Design and Engineering analysis 

of existing products.


Resources developed to support design and entrepreneurship.

Turning plastic bottles into new products for Low-Middle income countries. 


This project developed a sustainable approach to managing plastic waste and creating local manufacturing hubs. 

UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund 

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User-Centred Design and rapid

concept development


Testing 3D printed designs with

users in Kenya


 Mobile Manufacturing Unit - Please contact me for more information. 

Digital Innovation for a Circular Plastic Economy

This research identified and assessed digital solutions and innovations that can support the transition to a Circular Economy.


This included the uptake and application of  3D Printing, Blockchain, IoT, and digital applications. 

UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund


Technology Review

3D Printing, Blockchain, IoT 

Understanding of the opportunities for technology to support sustainability.

Promotion and development of 

policy recommendations

3D Printing is an upcoming frontier technology. But what are the opportunities for 3D Printing in International Development?

In this project, a guide for 3D printing in internal development organisations was created to support key decision-making.


Review of technology and

case studies of applications


Creation of 3D printing toolkit for 

International Development


Presentation to the UN Innovation

Network to teach about the technology.

This project developed a new and improved cookstove for users in Mozambique, where only 4% have access to clean fuels. 


The design was developed with local manufacturers with a focus on sustainable design and quality control so that people would be proud of locally manufactured products. 



User-Centred Design review of

current solutions. 


Cookstove re-design with local manufacturers and template creation. 


Product launched into the market

increasing the use of clean stoves.

Re-thinking uses for local material resources in Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia and Turkey. 


 This project resulted in the creation of 39 diverse product concepts which were developed through a materials-led industrial design approach to support the supply chain and employment.


Co-design workshop with partners

to explore new concepts

gentlemens collection.jpg

Creation of new products using

sustainable materials

Thinking Materials Cards.jpg

Development of a resource to inspire other designers and manufacturers

Speaking &

I am an experienced speaker with the ability to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand format. I have presented my work widely at conferences, panel discussions and design workshops.

I typically speak and run bespoke workshops on:

  • Sustainable Design / Circular Economy

  • Design in an international context

  • Frontier Technology (3D Printing)

  • Industrial Design

  • Business change through Design Thinking


Please contact me to discuss your event.




Improving the livelihood of those living on less than $1 a day, through qualitative research and

frontier technology.


Design Awards


"Timothy demonstrated rich and informed expertise in his field and motivated the participation of wider staff"

Michael P. Pieniazek


Academic Publications


2022 - Africa Journal of Management

Digital Innovations for transitioning to circular plastic economy in Africa


2021 - Design for Global Challenges and Goals

The use of creative product design to generate employment opportunities through materials-driven supply chains


2020 - Built Environment Project and Asset Management

A Bottle house: Evaluating user acceptance to circular solutions


2019 - The Design Journal

Local or Global? Approaches for New Product Development in Low-Income Countries


2019 - Habitat International

Bottle House: A case study of Interdisciplinary research for tackling global challenges


2016 - Design Research Society

Design Tool for Enhanced New Product Development in Low Income Economies


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